About Us

Back Yard Coffee is an independent coffee roastery based in Ditchling.

We are still a small family run business with the intention of producing, award winning and crowd pleasing coffee in the most economical and environmentally friendly way. 

Over last few years we have pushed to lower our carbon footprint, we have replaced all our packing with fully recyclable and working towards composable, investing in the latest equipment. We have the only 20kg hybrid roaster which regenerates it’s own heat source rather then it all pumping out the chimney and going to waste

 Our Coffees

We focus on the farms and suppliers we buy from.

 We have been buying from the same farm in the Rwenzori Mountain regions of Uganda for 5 years now. We have visited the area and spent time with community to seen how our money directly improves the working, living and and schooling conditions. We have a fantastic relationship with the farmers, producers and importers to make sure the quality is always high. 

Our Brazilian Coffee is from a wonderful family run farm, that has been paving the way for how Brazilian coffee produced, it’s traceability and how we can impact the world with the product we buy. This in part is due to the logistics network, moving product from Brazil to the UK in eco friendly manor, we have an agreement that for every sack purchased we have a tree planted in the Amazon. 

 We have combined these 2 amazing coffees as a blend to create our award winning house blend, with the prefect flavour notes for any type of coffee drinker 

Our overall aim is to get the best product from people we love working with and treat it with the respect it deserves, creating an amazing end user coffee experience. 

if you would like to partner with us or have a roastery tour send us a message


Elliott and the BYC Crew 


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