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BYC Tamper

BYC Tamper

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Laser etched and hand spun Oak and a forged 316 stainless steel.
This Tamper is perfect to bring out the best of your coffee for machine. It has been produced to exacting standards using high quality materials and is suitable for the professional barista or home enthusiast.
Every element has been carefully considered from the functional design to the environmentally conscious plastic free packaging solution to complement your espresso machine.

53.0mm: Tamper Mass 495g +/- 10g (This size fits most Sage Machines)

58.4mm: Tamper Mass 555g +/- 10g (Most Commercial Machines)

  • Handle: Hand turned Oak wood
  • Flat Base: Stainless Steel Grade 316.
  • Stainless Steel Base Diameter +/- 0.05mm
  • Plastic Free Packaging.
  • Tamper Height: 94.5MM
  • Handle Width: 44MM